Learn how to master the world-building in the story you're telling. This interactive PDF makes it easy and fun to create a fictional world for your book.

Contains 45 Chapters which cover every topic related to world building. Chapters in this PDF include:

  • Preface
  • Tools You Will Need
  • Creating A World With Purpose
  • Setting Your Own Goals
  • Brainstorming A Fictional World
  • Creating A World Map: Part 1
  • Building A World History (Creating A Timeline: Part 1)
  • Establishing World Tone
  • Types Of Fictional Worlds
  • Landforms And Terrain
  • Creating A World Map: Part 2
  • Climate And Weather Systems
  • Crafting Unique Seasons
  • Creating A World Map: Part 3
  • Crafting A Fictional Race
  • Jobs, Classes, And Roles
  • Creating A Power System
  • Creating A World Map: Part 4
  • Crafting Fictional Animals
  • Environments And Ecosystems
  • Creating A World Map: Part 5
  • Cities, Towns, And Capitals
  • Creating A World Map: Part 6
  • Landmarks And Special Locations
  • Creating A World Map: Part 7
  • Naming Objects And Locations
  • Creating A World Map: Part 8
  • Religions And Cultures
  • Establishing A Political System
  • Powers And Abilities With Purpose
  • Rules And Limitations
  • Developing Wars, Battles, And Conflicts
  • Natural Disasters
  • Creating A Timeline: Part 2
  • Everyday Life
  • Developing Unique Languages
  • Crafting A New Currency
  • Methods Of Transport
  • Education Systems
  • Work And Employment
  • Leisure
  • Clothing And Textiles
  • Food And Drink
  • Integrating World-Building With Plot
  • Presenting A World Through Different Mediums
  • How A Fictional World Changes Over Time
  • Entrancing Your Audience
  • Conclusion
  • Additional Resources

This interactive PDF is filled with a huge variety of exercises and challenges which you can complete, either within the PDF, or on your own piece of paper. This makes it easy and fun to apply the knowledge to the story you want to tell.

Downloadable, meaning you can follow this course offline anytime, anywhere, on PC or mobile devices.

The lessons include information specifically for manga or light novel creators, wanting to take their fictional world to the next level.

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World-Building Mastery Online Course: For Manga & Light Novel Creators

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