On this website, you will find a variety of templates and learning resources designed to help you create your story. Whether you are writing a manga, comic, or light novel, you will find a template that will suit whichever story you want to tell.

Our Mission

As a fellow creator, I know how challenging it can be to start a story from scratch. In the early stages, there are usually so many different ideas, and you may feel unsure of which idea to work with next, or where to focus your attention.

That's where our learning resources can help! I have written these templates which assist with the creative process, working together with your ideas to help you put a stronger focus on the story you want to tell. Each template comes with spaces for you to write or draw your ideas, and questions that will help you to consider your ideas in a new way.

Learn With Us!

I believe that the creative process should be made easy and fun, and it is my hope that these resources will help you to do this. Through these resources and courses, I encourage you to enhance your own creativity, and have fun during the process.

The resources and courses are designed to be like activity and exercise books, guiding you through the process every step of the way.

About MidnightXCross

MidnightXCross is an Australian author who loves bringing characters to life through her writing and illustrations. On her YouTube channel, she discusses in detail a variety of topics including character creation, graphic novel structure/layout, and dialogue writing; taking you through the process of creating a story. Inspired by the world of manga and anime, she dedicates her content towards helping others pave the path of their own creative journey.